NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services: CCH Repository

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services: CCH Repository


Outcomes Delivered

With Voyatek’s computerized criminal history solution, the New York State (NYS) Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) provides the criminal justice system with the improved services and quality of information needed to make New York safer for residents, visitors and public safety officials.


NYS DCJS hosts the state’s repository of criminal history records that serves more than 2,000 New York law enforcement agencies, the courts and FBI. Every part of the criminal justice community relies on information from this repository to perform their duties, from conducting investigations, determining bond, prosecuting and sentencing, to classifying corrections. To ensure that these groups had access to timely and accurate criminal history record information, NYS DCJS needed a system that allowed them to collect, store and disseminate data with added efficiency and security. The agency sought to transition its outdated processes and technology to a scalable, event-driven, services-oriented system that improved operational efficiencies, streamlined information sharing and offered cutting-edge reporting and monitoring capabilities.


Voyatek partnered with NYS DCJS to create a secure, modernized CCH system that supports the entire criminal life cycle, including arrest processing, disposition, parole and probation. Based on SOA principles, the system has an easy, single point of entry in the application that allows law enforcement agencies to achieve their objectives pertaining to the completeness, accuracy and timeliness of criminal history records. Today, the NYS DCJS system processes more than 70,000 (fingerprint, event maintenance, dispositions) records per day with an average response time of less than 4 seconds. Furthermore, Voyatek enabled NYS DCJS to build robust mechanisms on their existing criminal case history that allow law enforcement agencies to share information with the FBI seamlessly, while providing program agility to adapt to emerging refinements in programs, data exchange standards and regulations.

Solution Features

  • Ability to accept and validate biometric-based arrest data for violation, misdemeanor, and felony arrest
  • Provide automated workflow management for non-FP based records
  • Accept prosecution and judicial transactions from Office of Court Systems
  • Manage expungement, sealing and erasure per state statutory requirement
  • Interface with corrections, parole/probation systems to capture status information
  • Associate disposition transaction, court information with SIDT
  • Identify duplicate transactions
  • Customize validation rules based on client requirements
  • Integrate into the complex federal criminal history data infrastructure utilizing flexible and modern connectivity mechanisms
  • Submit national incident-based crime-certified XML data to the FBI
  • Manage the flow of fingerprint transactions from live scan devices