Community Health Analytics

Improving community health with data analytics

Voyatek’s Community Health Analytics (CHA) helps governments unleash the power of their data. A flexible, highly configurable data management platform, CHA integrates government data across agencies and programs and delivers responsive, user-friendly analytics and visualization tools, enabling the data-driven decisions required to improve health outcomes within a community.


Our scalable, cloud-based platform is NIST and SOC II compliant.



Pre-built statistical models and pre-loaded national data sources deliver value from day one.



CHA’s public-facing platform is simple and easy-to-use for both researchers and residents.

Outcomes Delivered: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)

Leveraging our Community Health Analytics platform, Voyatek launched a web-based tool that provides user-friendly visualization and analysis tools so users can easily access public health data, track trends, and better understand health indicators and disparities across NYC neighborhoods.


Key Features

CHA covers a range of public health data, including communicable and chronic disease surveillance, health survey, environmental monitoring, criminal justice, social service, and healthcare utilization, aggregates the data by geography, and displays the geographically aggregated data in easy-to-read data visualizations while

  • Providing faster processing performance on a secure platform
  • Integrating with dynamic data sources to automatically load the most current data, a selection of pre-loaded national public health datasets with pre-computed benchmarks and geographic estimates, and a modernized end-user design and navigation
  • Avoiding the burden of hosting and maintenance or changing underlying data storage
  • Monitor

    communicable disease spread and fluctuations to mitigate risk

  • Analyze

    disease prevalence and associated social or environmental factors

  • Prioritize

    resource deployment and investment for those most impacted

  • Formulate

    and evaluate long-term policies and strategies to address identified factors

Why Community Health Analytics?

The Community Health platform benefits the entire community, including business owners, residents, state and local policy makers, non-profits, and researchers. With proprietary risk scores and index values developed via machine learning and academic collaborations, CHA helps public servants better assess health risks and more efficiently target specific residents with the right government services. And with a chatbot available to access anytime, social media integration, and a forum to discuss related topics and interact with peers, it empowers residents and government collaborators with the information they need to make informed health-related decisions.


Business Owners

Prepare for the impact of health trends on operations and staffing.



Understand the influence of social determinants of health and make more informed health decisions.

Political Leader

State & Local Government

Make data-driven policy decisions and intelligently deploy resources to address community health concerns.


Nonprofits & Service Providers

Stay ahead of emerging issues and proactively respond to community health needs.

CHA for Researchers


Easily analyze local health data and compare to regional and national data trends.

Outcomes Delivered: Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT)

As one of Virginia’s premier cross-agency data-sharing initiatives, the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT), is a secure data-sharing platform that helps communities in the Commonwealth combat Virginia’s opioid addiction crisis.