Transforming Government through Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Outcomes through Analytics

Voyatek redefines the way our clients do business by leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to unleash the power of data — helping leaders maximize its full value across a broad spectrum of data-driven decision-making and forecasting-related needs.

Our proprietary Outcomes Through Analytics methodology helps government agencies simplify the process of developing and distributing business intelligence throughout the organization. This high-value, low-risk approach to developing business intelligence and analytics solutions is based on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, not the terms and conditions of a contract. We begin by identifying a mission-critical challenge and launching a rapid prototyping process to quickly show value and secure buy-in from internal stakeholders. Our approach is centered on the business use case – not the technology.

Our Services

Behavioral Analytics

Uses evidence-based methods, applying principles from psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, to optimize customer interactions and decrease service costs

Customer Experience Analytics

Enables clients to synthesize interaction data, visualize and analyze these data, design treatments to influence customer behavior, and achieve better outcomes

Substance Use Disorder Analytics

Consolidating and visualizing cross-agency data to confront the opioid epidemic and other public health crises.

AI & Advanced Solutions

Leverage machine learning, natural language processing, predicitive analytics and proven AI frameworks to maximize efficiencies, decrease costs, and improve outcomes.

Data Governance

Scalable data governance frameworks that serve as the foundation for powerful data analytics and business intelligence programs.

Enterprise Data Management

From data acquisition to storage and processing, our enterprise data management solutions ensure reliability, efficiency, and quality in handling large datasets.

Voyatek IRS Case StudyProtecting Taxpayer Dollars


Voyatek has developed risk-scoring models used by the IRS to evaluate more than 100 million tax returns each year. In addition to increasing revenue protection, Voyatek’s machine learning models alert stakeholders about newly identified schemes, emerging threats, and other fraud that has evaded existing detection methods. By implementing Voyatek’s advanced tax analytics solutions, the IRS has prevented more than $10 billion in fraudulent payments.

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Voyatek Virginia FAACTEnhancing Community Health Responses


In Virginia, our analytics solutions have empowered the state to pinpoint and respond to the opioid epidemic at the local level. Hospitals can now align their staffing with actual community needs, ensuring that resources are utilized where they’re most needed. By evaluating the impact of various programs, we’ve helped the state optimize its health services for maximum efficacy.

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