Enterprise Data Management for Government

Enterprise Data Management Services

Never before have there been more challenges, questions and decisions that hinge on managing and analyzing the unprecedented amount of data being collected and generated. However, turning data into better decisions is not a simple process.  For years, the tangled web of transactional systems, changing requirements, and budgetary constraints has left a series of incompatible systems, unrelated business processes, and disparate data pools.

Voyatek helps government agencies understand their data assets, define their business challenges, and transform their data insights into decisions, policies, and programs that improve American lives.

  • Data Strategy and Architecture – Identify and build the architectural components that provide a framework to facilitate storage, integration, usage, access, and delivery of data assets
  • Data Integration, Conversion and Retention – The collection, transformation, preservation, and retirement of enterprise data assets to support application migrations, historical management reporting, and regulatory compliance
  • Data Quality Management – Establish a framework and supporting procedures to appropriately diagnose and remediate data quality issues
  • Metadata Management – Enterprise-wide data standardization throughout its life cycle
  • Master Data Management – The harmonization and integrity of enterprise data, which is vital to ensuring a consistent and complete view of master data across the enterprise
  • Data Privacy and Security – Securing enterprise data assets from any unauthorized infringement. It ensures that appropriate data security and access policies, checks, and controls are monitored