Computerized Criminal History

Configuration and integration flexibility to meet the unique needs of your criminal justice data ecosystem.

Authorized access to timely and accurate Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) impacts a broad set of daily criminal justice and non-criminal justice business processes. Decisions made based on this information profoundly impacts the lives and livelihoods of your State’s residents: from pre-trial bail and custody decisions to qualification for employment.

Computerized Criminal History 

Assembling and maintaining the chain of data associated with criminal history records is dependent upon carefully choreographed cooperation between law enforcement agencies, courts, prosecutors, jails, state corrections institutions and supervisory agencies. Voyatek’s Computerized Criminal History (CCH) provides the most modern, technologically advanced, proven CCH COTS system available, delivering unparalleled implementation.

CCH is a state-of-the-art enterprise Computerized Criminal History Record Management System, built from the ground up using SOA principles. CCH supports the sequence of events in the Criminal Justice System defined by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division and provides a near-custom fit with minimal configuration. It helps organizations achieve desired business objectives such as uncompromised accountability, assured integrity, and enhanced timeliness.

CCH tracks the biometrically identified person through all phases and permutations of the criminal justice lifecycle.

Clean Slate Initiative Integration 

Clean Slate is a national, bipartisan movement advocating for the automatic clearing of criminal records for specific types of offenses. Under this model, non-violent offenders would have more opportunities to get a fair-paying job, purchase a home and contribute to their communities.

Voyatek’s CCH has long supported the ability to process Seal Orders, Full & Partial Expungement Orders, and Petitions through electronic receipt of the order from the courts as well as the manual creation of a Seal or Expungement Workflow Case.  Our Clean Slate Rule Manager and the companion Voyatek CCH Clean Slate Workflow processes provide a feature-rich, robust platform that can be configured to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of a state’s current seal and expunge processes.

Learn more about clean slate here: How the Right CCH Solution Can Power Your State’s Clean Slate Initiative

Voyatek Comprehensive CCH Solutions

Rich, configurable business services

  • Sophisticated name matching and validation algorithms
  • Extensive Suspense file reporting and workflow
  • Comprehensive transaction auditing, archiving and retrieval

Flexible RAP Sheet capabilities

  • Applicant Background processing and fee management capabilities
  • Expanded Custody and Supervision data management
  • Record merge, un-merge, seal, un-seal and expungement
  • Flexible data reporting and visualization capabilities – existing canned reports and ad-hoc features
  • Configurable notifications and workflows
  • Integration with National System (III, NLETS)

Robust, out-of-box platform

  • Engineered ground-up using SOA principles enabling maximum configuration flexibility
  • Pre-built, proven adaptors for federal interfaces
  • III/NFF Compliant
  • NICS Workflow Integration
  • Data Encryption at rest and in transit
  • CJIS-compliant identity/access management
  • High availability and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Embedded System Health & Application Log Monitor (GMON)

Computerized Criminal History System Overview

CCH Modules

  • CCH Database
  • Integration Hub Service
  • Fingerprint Service
  • Criminal RAP Service
  • Civil RAP Service
  • SID RAP Back Service
  • Civil Inquiry Fee Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

CCH Integration Hub

  • NCIC, III and NLETs Adaptors
  • State ABIS Solution
  • Prosecution & Adjudication
  • Court Disposition
  • Corrections
  • Supervision
  • Coroner
  • Hot Files

Regulatory/Security Compliance

  • FBI CJIS Security Policy v5.8
  • FBI EBTS TOU 10.0.5
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) 3.1
  • Joint Task Force (JTF) RAP Sheet Standardization v4.1
  • NCIC 2000 Data Handling Standards

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