Application Modernization

Application Modernization for State, Local & Federal Governments

Many government agencies have an imminent need to modernize and re-platform a broad range of legacy state applications. Running on outdated legacy systems, these applications are substantially inefficient, expensive, and present high-security risks. With years-long contracts and success metrics unrelated to real-world outcomes, the existing approach to modernization, however, perpetuates a cycle of “paving the cow path.” Old legacy systems are replaced with new legacy systems.

Voyatek takes a different approach. We believe that every modernization effort should begin and end with a focus on community outcomes, and that true goal of modernization is more than “better, cheaper and faster.” We partner with state, local and federal agencies to create frictionless, scalable applications that streamlines government-resident interaction.

We don’t just build systems — we build pathways to deliver a better future for your community.

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