Substance Use Disorder Analytics Framework

Life-Saving Insights through Data Analytics

Voyatek’s Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Analytics Framework empowers state and local leaders with the insights they need to combat the epidemic of addiction disorders. Our framework delivers access to the type of cross-functional, high impact data and analysis needed to drive critical decisions as they respond to the opioid crisis and other complex challenges related to substance use and addiction.

The SUD Analytics Framework brings federal, state, local, and private data resources to bear in addressing SUD and addiction within a state. We will work with our customers to establish the data sharing infrastructure and agreements, then layer in the analytics capabilities that turn the collective data into actionable insights.

Deeper Insights, Better Outcomes

Through this framework, states can grasp insights critical to prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery.

  • Identify demographic differences between user populations to better respond to their needs.
  • Create community-specific risk profiles for addiction. Identify, investigate, and respond to spikes in overdoses.
  • Adjust hospital and police staffing within specific locations to better align with community needs.
  • Evaluate impact of programs on fatal and non-fatal overdoses.

Our Framework in Action: Helping communities combat the opioid epidemic

As one of Virginia’s premier cross-agency data-sharing initiatives, the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT), is a secure data-sharing platform that helps communities in the Commonwealth combat Virginia’s opioid addiction crisis.

Launched by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) with support from Voyatek and championed by the Commonwealth’s Chief Data Officer, FAACT was created to combine previously siloed data from across a variety of different agencies, secretariats, and local organizations – including healthcare and social services, public safety and corrections, drug courts, and community coalitions – to generate insights about the contributing factors to opioid abuse and the most effective ways for communities to respond. 

The result is a solution designed to help people in need today, while stopping the addiction before it begins. Because of FAACT – Virginia was able to expand the data sharing platform to help the Commonwealth combat COVID-19.

Read more about how we have helped the Commonwealth of Virginia implement a data sharing platform to combat the opioid crisis in GCN and Government Technology.