Making Outcome Driven Government a Reality

Voyatek is led by government innovators who recognized a need in the market for a new way of doing things. We’re a diverse team of former public servants, mission-oriented technologists, and industry thought leaders. With decades of experience supporting state and local government, we’re skilled at spotting – and surmounting  – the innovation roadblocks our customers face.

Instead of accepting the way things have always been done, we’re determined to find creative solutions. We ask tough questions, and we relentlessly pursue what’s best for our customers and the residents they serve.

The Leaders in Outcome Driven Government


Historically, government performance has been measured by inputs – cases processed, user volume, transactions – and success has meant being close to on-time and on-budget. But on-time and on-budget doesn’t mean on-value, and community outcomes are often left behind.

To become truly outcome-driven, government needs a new kind of partner, one that recognizes that the goal of innovation is more than “better, cheaper, faster.” As an outcome-driven firm, Voyatek understands that the value of technology is defined by its human impact, and that every technology modernization effort should begin and end with a single-minded focus on community outcomes.

We’re not just an IT company, we’re an outcomes company.

Our Journey to Voyatek

Voyatek OnCore GCOM Timeline

Executive Leadership

Lisa Mascolo
Chief Executive Officer

Holly Barbour

Holly Barbour
Chief Human Resources Officer

Vanessa Champion
General Counsel and Chief of Staff

Rick Collins
Health and Human Services Industry Lead

Jodi Huston
Chief Operating Officer

Glen Marder
Chief Financial Officer


Ja’Nien Montank
Justice and Public Safety Industry Lead

Richard Nessel
Emerging Industries and Strategic Accounts Lead

John Nichols
Chief Risk Officer

Rahul Puri
Chief Product Officer

Michael Stavrianos, PMP
Chief Growth Officer

Board of Directors

Lee Bennett
Board Director

Kamal Bherwani
Board Director

Joshua Coonin
Board Director

Raj Kanodia
Board Director

Douglas S. Land
Board Director

Steve Lefkowitz
Board Director

Gerri Magers
Board Director

Donna Morea
Board Chair

Al Zollar
Board Director