Child Nutrition Programs

Expanding Nutrition Offerings with CACFP

The first cloud-optimized SaaS solution designed to support state’s nutrition programs

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a critical component of the USDA’s Child Nutrition Programs (CNP). It was developed to improve the quality and lower the cost of care provided by child and adult care institutions and family day care homes by providing reimbursement for the nutritious meals and snacks served to enrolled young children, at-risk youth, and adults.

Voyatek’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) solution, Thyme, is one of the most innovative on the market- streamlining functionality and empowering business users so they can better support participants in need. Thyme is the first cloud optimized CNP system which is available in our Software as a Service platform. Configurable, scalable, and cost-effective, Thyme frees states from the overhead and expense of hosting and/or maintaining their legacy system while maximizing end-user productivity.

What sets Voyatek’s CACFP Solution apart from the competition?

We’ve been driving innovation in WIC technology since 2003, and our products support 3 million WIC beneficiaries nationwide across 15 states, 1 territory, and 11 tribal nations.


A better user experience

Intuitive interfaces and self-service visualizations and dashboards make it easy for users to integrate data between authorization, claims, compliance, and training functions 

Enhanced automation

Voyatek’s CACFP Solution automates the processes of new applicant enrollment, compliance review, and claim payment and accounting services.

SaaS model

Our cloud-based solution frees states from the overhead and expense of hosting and/or maintaining their legacy system while future-proofing the solution through continuous improvement. 

Flexible, scalable, configurable

Our solution standardizes CACFP processes while allowing states the flexibility to customize based on program requirements or policy changes.

The CACFP serves 4.6 million participants nationwide (based on 2022 data), which is a portion of the participants served through Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) administered by state agencies across the Nation. Voyatek is actively collaborating with states to enhance their management information system (MIS) capabilities and consolidate their child nutrition programs into one cloud-based solution, offering the following benefits:

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    Intuitive interfaces that evaluate data to assist institution and state users in completing tasks such as:

    • Enhancing the state’s capacity to evaluate new and returning institutions by screening interested organizations.
    • Providing dashboards that summarize statuses to help users complete record submission, approval, claim submission, training tracking, and compliance reviews.
    • Automatically populating institution record, claim, and budget data in review forms to assist state users in conducting compliance reviews.
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    The ability for state users to make quick real time adjustments by providing configurable administrative functions that adjust content in user screens.

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    Integrated training platform that allows state users to import training data from their current training solution to the CACFP MIS. The system associates the training data with each individual institution allowing state agencies to render reports that ensure institutions have met federal and state training requirements.

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    Enables institutions to manage data more easily with a living document for updates, state notification and approval processes without requiring re-authorization.