Maryland State Libraries (MSL)

Case Study: Maryland State Libraries (MSL)


Outcomes Delivered

With Voyatek’s grant management solution, Maryland State Library (MSL) delivers local libraries with the funding and resources they need to support learning and economic development in their communities.


Maryland State Library (MSL)​ provides strategic leadership, resources, and programmatic support to 24 public library systems across the state. In 2020 MSL distributed more than $2.2 million in federal grant awards to public libraries.

To ensure that grant applications were processed efficiently and to accelerate fund distribution,  MSL needed a scalable digital grant management system.

The agency sought to transition from a manual, email-based approval process to a more streamlined solution that provided a modern, user friendly  experience for both MSL staff and grantees.



  • Easy-to-use portal for external users to submit and track applications
  • Cloud hosted, low code, solution.
  • Configurable and manageable by business users
  • A single platform for CRM, Case Management and Grants Management
  • Web-based system that unifies data and process across MSL


Utilizing the MD OneStop contract, Voyatek partnered with MSL to design a comprehensive, unified grant management system. The web-based system enables grantees to submit applications through an easy-to-use online portal. MSL staff can seamlessly review applications, configure approval processes, collect digital signatures and keep applicants updated about their application status. MSL staff can also use self-service reporting and analytics to better understand how funds are being used.

“Voyatek’s intelligent and agile team helped us build a reliable and user-friendly electronic grants management system that simplifies a complicated process and significantly lowers user error. Our grantees have given us positive feedback and we look forward to using this amazing product for years to come.”

-Mary Rayme, LTSA Grants Coordinator, Maryland State Library