New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services System Modernization

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services System Modernization


Outcomes Delivered

Voyatek partnered with the New York State (NYS) Integrate Justice Architecture Board (IJAB) to implement a modernized system architecture, framework and software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology. As a result, IJAB has successfully modernized several legacy systems to provide uninterrupted operations and streamlined communications for all law enforcement agencies within New York State – a mission-critical task for ensuring the safety of their residents.


IJAB consists of the Division of Criminal Justice Agency, New York State Police, Dept. of Corrections, Department of Parole and Homeland Security. These law enforcement agencies rely on their IT systems and applications for the reliable, instantaneous data they need to make the right decisions at the right time. IJAB sought to develop a roadmap to guide the modernization of its outdated legacy systems and business processes. To do so, it needed to overcome several challenges. Namely, IJAB supports several NYS law enforcement agencies, and each often have competing modernization priorities. Additionally, the legacy systems are mission critical, complex, highly visible, and often interface with numerous, internal, inter-agency, federal and other third-party systems. IJAB needed an enterprise and application development framework that would allow IJAB to take a strategic, incremental approach to system modernization.


Voyatek partnered with IJAB to develop and implement a modernized system architecture, framework and SDLC methodology. With this modernization roadmap in place, IJAB has successfully migrated from legacy systems to modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled Java/JEE applications.

Furthermore, this roadmap has become the gold standard for how other NYS agencies modernize their applications and provides a consistent approach to sharing data across jurisdictions – breaking down previous communication silos between agencies.

Voyatek also supported IJAB in the design and development of a common auditing platform for all enterprise applications in the public safety cluster (criminal justice, state police, local PD’s, corrections, parole, etc.). This application supports structured and unstructured search and enables investigators to see all changes for a specific person’s records (or all actions performed by a user) using a common interface across all applications.

Scope of Work

  • Establish Governance Model for enterprise applications
  • Conduct an analysis of system architecture, interfacing planning, and data center capacity planning
  • Define different technology templates for capturing various aspects (requirements, performance tests, test plans, knowledge transfer plan, etc.) of the system
  • Develop conceptual & physical model for SOA-enabled applications
  • Develop a framework for Common Services (technical & business), UI (user interface) standards
  • Provide application/data messaging architecture and messaging services
  • Create a reference application as a proof-of-concept
  • Implement a single sign-on point of entry in the application
  • Conduct interviews and system studies to inform the creation of a secure, reliable, and maintainable architecture
  • Implement Enterprise Architecture