Voyatek Certify

Mobile case certification made easy. 

With Voyatek’s Certify mobile application, approved government and service delivery professionals can record, authenticate, and certify events anytime, anywhere–from any mobile device. Certify enables workflow authorization, digital signing, and captures the authorizer’s facial biometrics, identity, and location. Certify allows for faster processing, reduces fraud, and is verifiable in courts. Our certification mobile app and software development kit (SDK), make the mobile certification process easy.

Voyatek Certify SDK

A purpose-built facial biometric platform and SDK add facial recognition capability to enterprise applications. A standard set-up for using the Certify SDK is as follows:

Certification Server:

Provides orchestration of user credentials seamlessly from user phones to App server


StrongPass Certification App: 

Android and iOS apps capture the user’s photograph and allow the certification process to be completed within the app


Certify SDK:

Enables enterprise applications to leverage Certification Server and Certification Apps for authentication and certification

Outcomes Delivered

NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene: eVital

One example of the implementation of SDK is in the Vital Records domain where Voyatek developed a new digital vital records management solution for New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Benefits of Certify

Certify gives doctors and funeral directors the ability to certify birth/death cases remotely and securely – right from their smart phone. Proven, court-worthy and verifiable, our solution offers:

Minimize/prevent frauds related to birth and death information with strengthened authentication based on federated, verified identity

Voyatek Machine Learning
Improve auditability with mobile, flexible and scalable biometric capabilities

Improve productivity and enhance user experience for clinicians and funeral home directors with Certify Mobile App’s facial recognition capability

Voyatek Risk Analytics
Reduce backlog with reliable and timely certifications leading to better customer service

How it Works

  • The app is available on both iOS and Android that provides certifiers (eg. doctors, funeral home directors) improved ability to certify birth/death cases remotely and timely.

  • It is based on a facial recognition-enabled system of electronic photo capture that improves auditability, making it easy to prove the certifier’s identity.

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