The Outcomes through Analytics Framework

Enabling Outcome-Driven Government through Data & Analytics

We work with public officials in state and local governments and federal agencies who want to be leaders in the data-driven government movement. Our solutions are designed to help our customers make better business decisions, increase resident engagement, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by using data and analytics to effectively manage, access and understand information.

The Voyatek team believes that creating real, tangible business value for government means creating real-world impact in the lives of citizens. We’re passionate about data-driven government because we care about how policies and programs affect our communities.

The Outcomes through Analytics Framework

The Outcomes through Analytics Framework is our high-value, low-risk approach to developing business intelligence and analytics solutions that are based on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, not the terms and conditions of a contract. We begin by identifying a mission-critical challenge and launching a rapid prototyping process to quickly show value and secure buy-in from internal stakeholders. Our approach is centered on the business use case – not the technology. Once successful, we use the framework to extend the pilot to a full-blown production-level project, which may include formalizing multiple use cases for the client. Once we deliver the production project, we leverage our best practices and repeatable model for creating a Center(s)of Excellence for the client, which would include working on multiple projects and streams of work to deliver data and analytics solutions throughout the organization.

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Voyatek understands that the right approach to analytics begins and ends with a single-minded focus on the right outcomes. Download our white paper to learn more about how our approach is helping state, local, and federal agencies across the nation.

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