Licensing & Permitting

Enterprise Licensing, Certification and Permitting

Permit and licensing operations are often slow and inefficient– handled by disconnected departments with no performance targets (or enforcement thereof), resulting in sub-par performance and lengthy back logs. Voyatek’s permit and licensing solutions track the process of issuing permits and licenses from application to review to distribution, enabling faster revenue collection, increased transparency and accountability, and better customer support for residents and business owners.

Resident & Business Portals

Voyatek Web Portal

Robust mobile and web solutions that leverage human-centered design to provide an exceptional user experience for residents and business owners.

Application Submission & Processing

Voyatek License Processing

 Support of the full lifecycle of application processing and a configurable intake process that supports multiple application types with individual business rules and workflows.

Inspections & Enforcement

Voyatek Inspection & Enforcement

Comprehensive inspection and enforcement tracking systems, including GIS-enabled mobile apps for field inspectors.

Disputes, Appeals & Hearings

Full automation of the scheduling and hearing processes that delivers significant efficiency improvements to Administrative Law Judges and residents.

Voyatek’s Licensing & Permitting Expertise

We understand that organizations are looking for regulatory and licensing solutions that meet and exceed stakeholder expectations. Our deep domain expertise helps us understand that:

Licensing Agencies

Licensing agencies are looking to improve efficiency and service delivery by replacing manual, paper-based processes with a flexible, automated system.

  • Online and Intuitive
  • Configurable
  • Adaptable to Policy Changes

Enforcement Agencies

Enforcement agencies would like their inspectors to be more productive and responsive by arming them with tools like powerful mobile apps and GIS-enabled advanced analytics.

  • Online and Offline
  • Self-guided
  • Mobile Inspection

Hearing Agencies

Hearing agencies would like to streamline and accelerate services by having access to a comprehensive, integrated solution.

  • Online and Intuitive
  • Historical Data
  • Customer Friendly

Residents & Business Owners

Residents and Business Partners should have access to modern, robust mobile/web solutions that leverage human-centered design to provide an exceptional user experience.

  • Available via web or mobile app
  • Convenient
  • One-Stop Shop