Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) Selects Voyatek for Integrated Tax System Modernization

Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) Selects Voyatek for Integrated Tax System Modernization

By implementing Voyatek RevHub™, Arizona will deliver a streamlined, accurate, and secure solution to Arizona taxpayers.

Voyatek, a leading technology company that specializes in outcome-driven solutions for state and local governments, has been selected by Arizona Department of Revenue to implement RevHub, Voyatek’s enterprise platform for tax administration and analytics. RevHub will play a pivotal role in achieving ADOR’s mission of streamlining business processes, improving accuracy and security, and providing a seamless digital experience to taxpayers.

RevHub is a modern, scalable integrated tax system (ITS) that is unencumbered by the rigidity and outdated architectures of legacy tax systems. The platform delivers both internal and external users the “Amazon-like” digital experience that they expect. Additionally, RevHub leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to uncover insider threats, identify potential noncompliance, and predict how legislative changes will affect revenue. The comprehensive solution optimizes revenue capture strategies, helping governments secure the funding needed to improve community outcomes.

While this award enables ADOR to fully implement RevHub, Voyatek has been supporting ADOR since 2015. ADOR already utilizes several RevHub modules, including RevHub Fraud Firewall and RevHub Remote Seller. The solution has delivered great results to Arizona including helping prevent more than $200 million in fraudulent payments.

“Voyatek is honored to be named as the next-generation integrated tax system in Arizona. As the leaders in AI/ML platforms for tax administration, we believe this award demonstrates the culmination of Voyatek’s efforts to build the category-defining AI Cloud platform for revenue agencies across the country,” said Peter Arena, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer, Voyatek. “We continue to expand our AI Cloud platform to meet the comprehensive needs of today’s revenue departments to drive a better taxpayer experience. Our new product innovations are guided by our long-standing vision to bring AI/ML to the tax and revenue space. Recognition from the Arizona Department of Revenue is a testament to our continuing commitment to breakthrough innovation and ability to execute.”

Voyatek supports state and local governments across the country with a suite of innovative products that leverage emerging technologies, including a powerful community health analytics framework and a first-of-its-kind decentralized identity solution.

“Over the past several years, Voyatek has consistently invested in our product portfolio and data analytics capabilities,” said Kamal Bherwani, Voyatek’s CEO. “This award is another proof point of Voyatek’s transformation and affirms our commitment to helping our customers achieve better outcomes for the people they serve.

About Voyatek

Voyatek delivers outcome-driven technology solutions to state and local government that improve population wellbeing, create safer and more equitable communities, and foster a thriving economy. Voyatek’s SaaS solutions, coupled with its IT and data analytics services, help governments to provide real-world program impact for residents. Spanning health and human services, public safety, and economic development, Voyatek’s solutions include several purpose-built products focused on the Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), advanced tax analytics, self-sovereign identity, community health analytics, and more.