FortrusSM Security Solutions

Voyatek’s FortrusSM Security Solutions, a frontline defense for organizations.

A local/state government organization caters to three different types of users: Residents, Case workers, and Employees. When providing services and interacting with each of the three strata of the user population, strong security is critical. FortrusSM addresses the needs of all users.

Voyatek FortrusSM Platform: Decentralized Identity, StrongPass, and Certify

Voyatek’s FortrusSM platform strengthens security by addressing its weakest link – the human element. It takes the burden of identity / security from users by leveraging the users’ smartphone and using patented out of band processes. The platform is designed to work with a zero-knowledge orchestration server that can be used in a large number of use cases in identity/authentication/authorization domains. It is the foundation for Voyatek’s three identity, authentication and access management solutions- Decentralized Identity, StrongPass, and Certify.
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