Digital Payment Solutions

Make it easy for residents and business owners to pay parking tickets, licensing fees, fines, and more.

Voyatek’s payment solutions allow government agencies to provide residents with a modern, edgeless option to make payments or register an appeal directly from their mobile device.  This innovative solution provides intuitive, frictionless payment processing, accelerating government revenue receipts, reducing defaults, and decreasing overall cost to the collecting agencies.


Enable self-service payments, contactless customer support, reduced wait times, and accelerated revenue collection.


Offer secure, simple mobile payments to residents — including the 49 million Americans who only have access to the internet via their smartphone.


Easily integrate with existing payment applications, web-service APIs, or payment platform.

Case Study: NYC Pay or Dispute Parking App

The New York City Department of Finance (DOF) issues 8-10 million parking tickets annually. They wanted to offer an easy-to-use and accessible method for residents pay their tickets.​ Voyatek developed the Pay or Dispute app to accelerate revenue collection, minimize the need for in-person transactions, and provide a simple, modern user experience​.


Voyatek Pay or Dispute App