EDR Project

EDR Project

California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Project

EDR is a benefits-funded project to transform FTB’s IT infrastructure and business processes for tax administration in California. The project impacts major business processes at FTB and introduces dozens of new software and technology products within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution to automate and improve tax collection and processing operations. The final solution was implemented on time over a 54-month period involving hundreds of staff, ten major releases, and a project budget of approximately $400M. The EDR project remains one of FTB’s most significant modernization achievements having raised billions of dollars in new tax revenue raised for the State.

Voyatek served as the primary subcontractor on EDR filling numerous key roles including the Deputy Project Manager, Application Development Manager, Functional Architect, Technical Architecture Manager, Configuration Management Lead, and Performance Architecture Lead. Voyatek also provided staff to support requirement, design, application development, test, legacy system integration, and readiness monitoring.


California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR2) Project

Voyatek is the prime solutions integrator for EDR², one of the largest tax modernization efforts in the nation. The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) collects state personal and corporate income taxes for California, and is part of the California Government Operations Agency, one of the largest tax agencies in country. Their mission is to help taxpayers file tax returns timely and accurately to fund services important to Californians. Voyatek partnered with the FTB as the prime contractor for the second phase of the Tax Systems Modernization (TSM) effort and will build upon the successes of EDR. The primary focus is to continue enterprise process improvements, serve more taxpayers, and increase revenue for the State of California. EDR² will include 5 major components:

Expanded Case Management

  • Move all business systems on to one enterprise case management system by adding audit, collections and filing enforcement into our current case management system
  • Continue to automate manual processes
  • Decommission aged legacy systems that are outdated and siloed

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Provide new communication options, new education services and options for taxpayers to self-correct

  • Expanded Data Warehouse

  • Continue to centralize our data into one enterprise platform

  • Increased Audit Modeling and Fraud Detection

  • Using new data and dynamic modeling strategies to proactively approach noncompliant behavior and address the tax gap

  • Business Improvements

  • Improve case selection, workload management, and knowledge management
  • Working with FTB and our partners, Voyatek continues a history of excellence in delivering solutions for our clients and the residents of California.