Virginia Workforce Development

Case Study: Virginia Workforce Development Analytics


Virginia’s workforce development operations relied on experts in state agencies, career centers, and training facilities, with no mechanism to empirically validate their insights or share notes across programs.

This lack of integration inhibited results at all levels. Field staff couldn’t access the data necessary to identify promising practices or understand roadblocks specific to their community, while policy makers were forced to rely on incomplete data or theory, not evidence.


Voyatek partnered with our customer the to launch a groundbreaking workforce data platform. The statewide initiative aggregates valuable employment data from 17 different state agencies, as well as dozens of career centers and training institutions.

We developed intuitive self-service dashboards that give state leaders and policy makers access to mission-critical insights about the Commonwealth’s workforce. The dashboards are used by hundreds of active users and update every 15 minutes.

We also created a public-facing dashboard, the Virginia Career Works Referral Portal, a secure platform that aggregates unemployment payment and claims data, Census information, and labor market trends from across the Commonwealth. The portal connects constituents with programs to advance their career paths and achieve financial independence through training, certification, education and employment services.

Key Outcomes

  • Connects job seekers with real-time information, personalized to meet their needs
  • Provides staff at all levels with the information needed to holistically understand the workforce network of opportunities and services and its impact on communities
  • Ensures consistent service delivery across customers, staff, and centers.
  • Streamlines the referral process that connects job seekers to the full range of services to support their pathway to a good paying job
  • Provides policymakers with insights about the state’s workforce initiatives
  • Provides data for tracking and measurement
Voyatek Virginia Workforce Dashboard