Transforming how South Carolina WIC Supports Families’ Nutritional Needs

South Carolina WIC


Outcomes Delivered

With Voyatek’s WIC Solution, South Carolina WIC can better support the 72,000 families who depend on quality WIC services every day to meet their nutritional needs.


For years, South Carolina had been utilizing a legacy, state-built Management Information System (MIS). The legacy system served as the backbone of the state WIC program, enabling clinics to issue paper vouchers to beneficiaries and conduct internal reporting to a limited degree. However, over time the legacy system proved burdensome and inefficient, hampering clinics’ abilities to monitor and utilize valuable program data they needed to better serve constituents. Furthermore, as a paper-based system that was not EBT-enabled, it caused difficulties for countless mothers forced to manually keep track of paper-based vouchers.


Voyatek’s WIC Solution team partnered with South Carolina WIC to introduce a tailored MIS that transformed how the agency managed its new eWIC program. The new system, designed with both the WIC clinician and client in mind, streamlines clinic processes, enables advanced monitoring of program trends and vendor patterns, and improves the beneficiary’s experience.

Solution Highlights

  • A centralized appointment scheduling unit that makes setting up client appointments seamless.
  • A user-friendly data capture, modification and visualization — including a scroll-free interface — that allows WIC clinicians to spend more time attending to their clients’ needs rather than navigating complicated data entry tools.
  • Enhanced data reporting capabilities that allow WIC clinicians to uncover insights to better serve clients and achieve a variety of program goals, from ensuring continuity of benefits to keeping children in the system longer.
  • A mobile app that allows beneficiaries to schedule appointments, view their benefits balance, identify WIC clinics and stores that sell WIC-approved products near them, and more, all while integrating seamlessly with the new eWIC MIS.