Voyatek StrongPass

Your personal key to the digital world.

Voyatek’s StrongPass is a next generation access management solution that provides frontline defense for all government organizations. It combats credential theft, token loss, and security fatigue and mitigates the vulnerability risks that still exist with all other solutions.

Key Benefits

StrongPass shifts the burden of authentication from a human’s memory to their smartphone, thus transforming the human experience, replacing complexity with convenience, while delivering greater security to user authentication.

  • Strong Security with User Convenience
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Seamless & Secure Account Sharing
  • Stronger Passwords & Obfuscation
  • Location and Geo-fencing
  • Website Logins Using Browser Extension
  • Date & Time Restrictions
  • Monitoring with Team Dashboard
  • Computer Unlock Using PC Logon
  • VPN & App Logins Using AppConnect
  • Workflow Authorization
  • Mobil App Logins Using AutoFill

Why StrongPass?

StrongPass is a holistic solution that delivers a significantly improved online experience with just a mobile device and one secure login. Organizations and individuals finally get an authentication solution that finds the balance between strong security, user convenience, compliance mandates, and cost effectiveness. StrongPass uses military grade AES256 encryption for data at rest and dynamically generated RSA Keypairs for data in motion, ensuring end to end security of credentials.

Stronger Security

Smartphone-based credential orchestrator

Eliminates risk of replicated credential across devices

Sophisticated account sharing with access controls

Comprehensive Solution

Voyatek Inspection & Enforcement

Strong phishing detection and prevention

Broader security coverage – applications, documents, computers, and cloud

2nd-Factor support for other accounts

Multi-user, multi-device environment support

Intuitive Experience

Easier to use for end users – one smartphone manages all access points

Easier for administrators to manage security

Easier to implement – in matter of weeks without disruption

StrongPass Features


Eliminate risk of ransomware attacks and breaches by detecting and preventing phishing


Unmatched Active Directory integration with automatic password rotation


Share access to websites/applications with teams without exposing passwords – includes location or time-based access control


Manage all your Two Factor Authentication tokens in one place without the pain of 2AF


Mitigate vulnerability risk by combating credential theft, token loss, security fatigue

Multiple Granted Patents & Industry Awards