Key Takeaways from NASCIO Midyear 2023

Key Takeaways from the NASCIO Midyear Conference

NASCIO’s midyear conference is in the books. The Voyatek team had a great time discussing emerging trends and challenges with state IT leaders from across the country. Our discussions included a range of topics–from cloud migration to cybersecurity and generative AI.

One topic that was clearly on the minds of many leaders is decentralized identity. As governments increasingly embrace a digital service delivery model, managing identities and ensuring they are secure is a top priority. Decentralized identity management promises to provide more control to residents over their digital identities and enhance privacy protection.

It’s no surprise that identity management was such a hot topic at the event, as most existing approaches present significant challenges for both residents and government agencies. Residents suffer from redundant paperwork, long communication cycles, and no control over personal data storage when interacting with government. Agencies face costly and time-consuming manual identity verification processes, which are vulnerable to fraud.

Voyatek is partnering with state government agencies to overcome these challenges through Decentralized Identity for Government. The following resources provide valuable lessons learned and best practices for leaders hoping to jumpstart their decentralized identity initiatives:

-Voyatek Leadership Team