City of Boston Snow Removal Analytics

Case Study: City of Boston


Outcomes Delivered

Voyatek’s data and analytics team delivered Boston a data-driven approach to both improve their snowstorm cleanup operations and enhance communication with residents during snow emergencies.

The Solution

We developed the Storm Insights platform for the City of Boston, which lets local leaders analyze critical data, including the quantity of plows required vs. in-use, vehicle activity, number of open resident complaints and an up-to-the-minute total of unplowed streets. We simultaneously created Snow Cop, a public facing application that showed residents real-time information about plowing activity and progress in their neighborhoods.

Key Outcomes

With the Storm Insights analytics module and the Snow Cop app, Boston was able to ​

  • Track more than 800 plows and 1200 deployed to clear 150,000 miles ​
  • Reduce snow removal costs by an estimated 5-10%​
  • Reduce complaint calls from residents ​
  • Secure positive local and national press for the city’s Chief Information Officer and Mayor​