Application Modernization for NYS Energy Research Development Authority

Application Modernization for NYSERDA


Outcomes Delivered

With Voyatek’s solution, NYSERDA can now communicate and easily share data with external partner organizations and stakeholders as driven by business and policy needs.

Client Challenge

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has more than 80 programs that provide incentives to residents and businesses within NYS. Each program had their own unique applications and business workflow which made maintenance difficult and complex. NYSERDA needed a modern system that would replace outdated legacy applications to improve visibility and provide a 360-degree view of contractors’ engagements, while simplifying ongoing support and maintenance.


After analyzing NYSERDA’s current applications and processes, taking into consideration their business goals and main priorities, Voyatek developed a modern, scalable management platform leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The application modernization delivered the ability for NYSERDA to onboard contractors, accept incentive applications, and track contractors’ projects, invoices, and payments. The application integrates with NYSERDA’s financial system and data warehouse to provide an organization-wide uniform view of data.


NYSERDA is now able to streamline business processes and reduce administrative costs associated with maintaining multiple systems on multiple platforms. The robust reporting and analytics features within Salesforce help to improve data quality, accuracy, and accessibility.

Since beginning our partnership with NYSERDA in 2017, Voyatek has expanded the management platform to 30+ Programs: Including NYSun (solar panel systems), ChargeNY (electric vehicle rebates), Empower (LMI residential) and Offshore Wind.

Collectively, the platform has processed 365,000 applications and been used by 650 internal and partner users and 27,000 contractors and residents.