A Modern, Scalable Platform for Georgia WIC

Georgia WIC


Outcomes Delivered

With Voyatek’s 3Sigma WIC solutions, Georgia WIC has a streamlined, scalable solution to support 127,000 families, 200 clinics, and 1300 retailers across the state.


The Georgia Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program supports families across the state by providing healthy food benefits, nutrition education, and breastfeeding information and support. The program serves approximately 200,000 clients each month via a network of geographically dispersed health clinics. To deliver benefits, Georgia WIC utilized five disparate distributed systems and generated paper vouchers for clients to redeem at grocery stores. These systems had become costly to maintain and could not be efficiently modernized, while the paper voucher systems were cumbersome to both clients and grocery stores. Georgia WIC needed a new solution to support electronically delivered benefits, streamline user experience, enhance supplier integrity, and increase enrollment.


Voyatek’s WIC on the Web (WoW) solution is a scalable, web-based MIS platform that allowed Georgia WIC to completely modernize its entire program, from back-office processes to participant communication. The solution, designed with both the WIC staff and client in mind, streamlines clinic processes, supports electronically delivered benefits (referred to as eWIC), enables advanced monitoring of program trends and vendor patterns, and improves the user experience.

Solution Highlights

  • A centralized appointment scheduling unit that makes creating client appointments seamless.
  • A mobile app that allows participants to schedule appointments, view their benefits balance, identify WIC clinics and stores that sell WIC-approved products near them, and more, all while integrating seamlessly with the new MIS.
  • A user-friendly data capture, modification and visualization dashboard that allows WIC staff to spend more time attending to their clients’ needs rather than navigating complicated data entry tools.
  • Enhanced data reporting capabilities that allow WIC staff to uncover insights to better serve clients and achieve a variety of program goals, from ensuring continuity of benefits to keeping children in the system longer.
  • A highly scalable, maintainable application that can be hosted independently or in the cloud.